Jedi cosplay, lowriders, and gratuitous butt in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

A clip from the Von Tramps' 'Episode One.'

A clip from the Von Tramps' 'Episode One.' YouTube

A 1260 in the 612.

If you were at the X Games this Saturday in Minneapolis, you witnessed history as Mitchie Brusco landed the first ever 1260, beating Tony Hawk’s legendary 900 by a full rotation. But the 22-year-old skater did more than just nail the biggest trick in competition history. He also brought the world’s attention to the Twin Cities.

Minneapolis likes to pretend that it’s this small hamlet minding its own business in the middle of America, but we become more of a world metropolis with each passing year. Now, we’ll never be Chicago, but when you have ESPN regularly flooding your streets, you gotta stop acting like you’re Smallville.

What are folks gonna see when their gaze is suddenly jerked to the Twin Cities? Hopefully they see a music scene that’s ready to exceed their expectations.

The Von Tramps – “Episode One”

Minneapolis rockers the Von Tramps direct their own non-canon Star Wars entry in the new video for “Episode One,” a song that likens a romantic disappointment to the release of The Phantom Menace. But perhaps out of consideration for George Lucas' feelings they tack on a disclaimer about their fondness for the prequel. The Von Tramps’ concept EP Sun’s Out: Strung Out! drops tomorrow with a big (and presumably nerdy) party at the Turf.

Deejay St. Joel – “Puff Daddy”

Deejay St. Joel is so old-school that he remembers when Diddy still went by Puff Daddy, but he’s newer to lowrider culture, so he made a song to show his appreciation for rims, chrome detailing, and hydraulic lifts. “Puff Daddy” is meant to serve as the ultimate accompaniment to lowrider contests and car shows, and the video shows you what that might look like. St. Joel and director Pulido Creative Studios went down to the Annual Showoff Showdown Car Show in Iowa and captured some unbelievable feats of custom car creativity. 

Hot Pink Hangover – “Porno on the Radio”

Ask Mercy Danger about the state of the world, and she’ll tell you it’s “a bit ridiculous.” That understatement is the impetus for the new song “Porno on the Radio” by Mercy’s band Hot Pink Hangover. The scenario plays out exactly like you’d think a video for a song with that name by a band with that name would, including some seductive moves by a local Lyra hoop dancer and some over-the-top moaning. “Porno on the Radio” is from Hot Pink Hangover’s appropriately ridiculous new record Wasted in 3D.

Gully Boys – “Neopet Graveyard”

2018 Picked to Click winners Gully Boys are one of the most effusive, fun-loving groups to come out of the Twin Cities in years, so of course their debut music video is an absolute blast. Filmed at the Mall of America by Keegan Burkhard, the video for “Neopet Graveyard” shines a new light on the late-capitalist playground, showing how you can have the time of your life at the MOA if you have the right attitude. Mosh in the shark tunnel! Take an Old West-themed portrait! Ride a rollercoaster with your two best friends! Gully Boys are currently out on tour, but they return on August 18 to play the Turf.

Miles Island – “Right as Rain”

Did you know there’s a publicly available archive of home videos? No? Well, Miles Island did, and they used the footage in there. Bandleader Jim Bjorklun compiled the new video for “Right as Rain” from select pieces of vintage summertime family videos. “Each clip was chosen to highlight [and] illuminate the music or lyrics,” Bjorklun explains via email. “The song itself considers how time and distance can wash a painful experience away, leaving one with a new perspective.” “Right as Rain” is the title track from Mile Island’s psychedelic debut album, which came out June 21.

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