Jazzercise, stylish gang wars, and lesbian country songs in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

A shot from David LeDuc's new video for “Hitman.”

A shot from David LeDuc's new video for “Hitman.” YouTube

Do you read 89.3 the Current’s Friday Five? I do. Every week.

I do so not only because I enjoy the visual work of our local directors and musicians but also because Friday Five writer Cecilia Johnson and I share the same audience—namely, you folks. There was a time when Local Frames featured 10 (!) videos every week, and I receive so many video submissions each week that I could very easily revive that formula. But divvying the workload between the Current and City Pages ensures that artists are getting exposure across both channels.

So I make a deliberate effort to not repeat anything featured on the Current in the previous week. It doesn’t make sense to have one video hogging up the real estate. Repeats do happen sometimes. Not this week, though. Check out these five fresh videos right here, and then be sure to follow up with last week’s Friday Five for another set you might’ve missed.

David LeDuc—“Hitman” (PREMIERE)

You may recognize David LeDuc as the smooth crooner from Enemy Planes, but the Minneapolis singer-songwriter has left that band to pursue a solo career. The lead single from his upcoming EP Lucid is “Hitman,” which has a sexier pulse and more fun-loving feel than LeDuc’s previous work with Enemy Planes. Director Jack Davis of LoonarCity took notes from the video for Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” for this clip, adding a darker, more sardonic feel. Lucid debuts April 3, and LeDuc will play a release show that night at the Uptown VFW.

Baby Shel—“Comma Kamikazi”

Red Lake’s finest, Native rapper Baby Shel, is back again, adding a video for a song he released way back in 2016. “Comma Kamikazi” first appeared on 2016’s Drive Thru: In & Out, an EP collaboration with Minneapolis Native producer TZ1. Nineteen months later, the two brought director Endless Visiion to Las Vegas and Los Angeles to revive the banger in visual form. In a breathless 1:46, Shel tears though his ambition to hit the road and stack paper. Look for a new record from Shel later in 2018.

Chad Erickson and the Untimely—“The Wrong Man”

Mercies May’s cut for “The Wrong Man,” the latest single from Chad Erickson and the Untimely, is the fourth collaboration between the video director and the band, and it demonstrates how their combined ambitions have grown. Erickson appears as an assassin fleeing the scope of Gay 90's/Forbidden Bazaar aerialist Angela Higgins. Neither Erickson nor Higgins have any prior fight experience, but a month of training with choreographer Mike Lubke and assistant Tom Ringburg prepared them for a compelling face off that plays out cinematically over the band’s nasty licks.

Dono Gerard—“Stand Out”

Nate P has become the most sought-after director for young rappers trying to make a stamp on the scene. With his hypnotizing visuals and ethereal edits, he can make any rhymer on their come up look like a superhero—and that’s exactly what he does on his latest work for Dono Gerard. Gerard’s “Stand Out” is a song about the young rapper’s aspiration to spit differently and set himself apart from his competition. P picks up on that vibe and spins it into a dizzying look at Gerard’s life as he romps around St. Paul, rapping out the window of his Mustang and staking his claim to the Twin Cities rap scene.

The Common Ground Company—“Emit’s Daughter”

There aren’t a lot of bluegrass songs about same-sex relationships, but Twin Cities Americana folk band the Common Ground Company decided to change that. On their new tune, “Emit’s Daughter,” the title character (named Maryann) breaks with her family’s strict traditionalism and begins dating a woman, much to Emit’s shotgun-sportin’ chagrin. The strum-happy five-piece took to a pier on Wisconsin’s Lake Winnebago to tell the tale, enduring a 30-degree breeze as they sing into the wind.

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