Jayhawks plan reissues, more reunion shows


In a blog post on his official site, Gary Louris spilled the beans on a couple of new Jayhawks-related development: The band is planning to release two of their most successful albums, Hollywood Town Hall and Tomorrow the Green Grass, this June, and plan to reunite for some live shows around the same time. Those who were lucky enough to catch the Jayhawks reunion set at the Basilica Block Party last summer already know what a treat it is to see the seminal local alt-country band back together, especially now that singer Mark Olson has started playing with the group again, and we can only hope they will play another Twin Cities show during this upcoming run.

From Gary Louris's blog:

No I haven't forgotten about the Jayhawks. Booking agents and record companies and management are trying to coordinate things. We are hoping for a early June re=release of HTH and TTGG with shows to follow.

He also divulged that their very first studio album, The Jayhawks, which was released locally on Bunkhouse records, will be reissued around the same time:

Lost Highway believe or not is finally releasing the Bunkhouse record and is trying to coordinate that with Sony Legacy the the HTH/TTGG packages. We do not know where we wil be playing in support of these releases yet but will keep you posted....wait until you hear some of the bonus tracks!!

As if that wasn't enough to keep Jayhawks die-hards salivating until June, Louris also mentioned that he plans to meet up with Mark Olson later this month to begin work on a follow-up to last year's outstanding duo album Ready for the Flood. Head over to to read all of his most recent updates.

[via @solace]