Jason Reeves has the cure for "The Lovesick" with his new album


Jason Reeves, modern poet and what some may call the musical Eckhart Tolle, never ceases to grow and spread his positivity through music.  In his most recent release, The Lovesick, Reeves weaves modern folk with his pop flavored music, sharing his growth and maturity since making a name with his debut album in 2007. 

With so many emerging singer/songwriters wielding a guitar, Jason can easily get lost amongst the congregation were it not for his willingness and ability to break out of the mold and collaborate with the likes of Nicki Minaj in "Moment 4 Life."  The Iowa native shares with Gimme Noise his thoughts and the process that went into the creation of The Lovesick.

[jump] Gimme Noise: You have a new album coming out soon; what was your ultimate goal when working on this project?  How has your sound evolved since The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache (and other Frightening Tales)?

Jason Reeves: My only goal whenever I write or record music is to capture the truth.  In the case of The Lovesick, every song is a very real moment captured from my life.  This album is a love story about the drastic highs and lows that come along with falling hard for someone.

Sonically, this album is very different from my last, and I worked on experimenting with sounds I've never used before to express the emotional changes.


You have collaborated and co-written quite often with Colbie Caillat on tracks.  What's your approach when working with others?

I love writing with other people, especially Colbie.  She was the first person I ever co-wrote with and I fell like we taught each other how.  It's very different than writing alone, and I think the potential for going places you would never get to by yourself is an incredibly powerful thing.  Sometimes I can get stuck in my own head when writing by myself and other people help push me away from that place.

I'm not a songwriter, but I often wonder how others deal with what I call "post-album depression."  It's that place where after you make something really strong/awesome and are not sure how to rekindle the creative flame.  How do you, as an artist, deal with this?

I have never experienced that feeling and don't see encountering it anytime soon, necessarily.  I am always writing and seem to always be on fire with inspiration.  For this, I realize I'm incredibly fortunate and only hope that it continues on this way. 

Coming from what most would consider a small town (Iowa City), what did you grow up wanting to do?  Who and what influenced you to become a musician?

I grew up climbing trees and running around like the lost boy that I am.  When I was young, Michael Jackson was my hero, but I didn't actually desire to create music until I was in high school and discovered Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Pink Floyd and so many other artists from the 60s.  When I heard their sons, I immediately asked for a guitar for my birthday and started teaching myself how to play and write. 

In this whole new music industry, what are you as an artist doing to connect with your fans?  What's so unique about Jason Reeves? 

The internet offers endless opportunities to connect with fans.  I have mixed feelings about what computers are doing to our world, let alone music, but it's pretty amazing how fast the world shares things.  As for my music, I think what makes it unique is the complete fearless honesty I put into my lyrics.  Truth is really my only goal, like I said before, and I hope that sets me apart somehow. 

In following with the last question, more and more musicians are giving away their music and earning their income through other venues.  How do you feel about this concept?

I think it's a terrible shame for people to give art away for free just because more and more people are stealing it.  The main reason for this is that it costs a lot of money to create the art, or music in this case, and I think people need to make money selling it in order to keep making it in most cases.  I also think in general, it's pretty depressing to devalue something as beautiful and powerful as music and art in general. 

Why do you think your fans connect so much with your music?

I think they connect to the real and raw emotions I put into the songs.  I want people to be able to feel how I was feeling when I wrote each one and to be inspired by that connection. 

Who are you listening to and drawing inspiration from these days?

I am always infinitely inspired by living and being wide alive.  And I'm always listening to an insane amount of music of all varieties.  There's not even really a point in narrowing it down.  There are so many great artists out there expressing so many incredible feelings. 


Finish this statement: "Never have I ever..."

...stood upside down on the top of the sky wondering why we without thought continually destroy the gorgeous gift that is our planet home, although I've done the same from my upright position fixed temporarily upon it. 

Jason Reeves releases The Lovesick at the Fineline Music Cafe 8/30/2011 with Rosi Golan. 18+, $15, 7 pm.

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