Jason McLean's email

Jason McLean's email (from "Varsity Theater Reopens"):
We are In Business!!! Today, Friday, April 15th, the City of Minneapolis, in it's infinite wisdom, granted a Certificate of Occupancy to the Varsity Theater Project.
Shows will soon resume. The first show will actually be tonight,
Conversations with Patrick Scully featuring guest John Killacky and special guests Ann Markusen and Leslie Ball. 7:30 pm $10
Patrick Harrison's ARTIST in TROUBLE will be the fitting title to our first full scale musical play directed by Lola Lesheim and presented by Half-Cast Productions and the Varsity Theater Project. A.I.T. will open next weekend.
More news to come, just thought you'd appreciate the bulletin.
The music line-up for tonight: Junkyard Lilies, Ryan Sutter & Meredith Fierke will be postponed until further notice.
Conversations with Patrick Scully WILL happen tonight @ 7:30 and will kick-off the new spring season for the Varsity re- opening. Guests tonight: John Killacky (formerly of Walker Art Center) Ann Markusen & Leslie Ball.

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