Jane's Addiction fans criticize the Brick, form "The Brick MN Sucks" site

Well, that was swift. Within a few hours of the Brick's opening bash hosting Jane's Addiction in Minneapolis' Warehouse District, many dissatisfied customers have voiced their discontent. Our reviewer noted that the sound was excellent, but did have some concerns himself.

Much of this commentary is currently unfolding via the Brick's Facebook page. Sample comment: "This place blows. Horrible sight-lines. It may be bigger, but who cares if only 10% of the audience can see the damn stage."

By this morning, the blog was open for business, and the rest of the media had voiced their concerns.

The Current's Andrea Swensson:

According to the City of Minneapolis, the capacity of The Brick is officially 2,001 people. The venue is three levels, and the breakdown of the rooms' capacities are as follows: 825 on the main floor, 776 in the balcony, and 400 in the basement. Now I'm no mathmatician, but my estimation is that about 60-70% of the main floor had a decent sightline last night, while only about 10% of the upper level could see the stage and the basement had small televisions and no audio; I'd wager that less than half of the customers who paid $65 to help sell out the Jane's Addiction show caught a glimpse of Perry Farrell as he stalked the stage.

Star Tribune's Jon Bream:

Good luck if you had to use the restroom. There are five urinals and two stalls total for men (between basement and balcony restrooms). That may meet city code but it doesn't measure up to the facilities at First Avenue, Epic or the Myth nightclub.

If you want to buy a band T-shirt at the Brick, you have to snake down the crowded stairs to the basement to a small table in the corner. Merchandise was cash only

And, there was this guy:

In any case, it's early, and there are bound to be some kinks to work out, but judging by this outpouring of negative commentary from the public, these are not issues that can be left lingering for long.

Were you at the show, and what did you think?

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