Jan. 27, 2009: The Wars of 1812, Jeremy Messersmith, Dan Deacon & P.O.S.

Jan. 27, 2009: The Wars of 1812, Jeremy Messersmith, Dan Deacon & P.O.S.

Twin Cities News:
-- Minneapoliscast features the Wars of 1812.
-- MN Stories features Brianna Lane.
-- "Join Mark & Gary's Street Team and get free tickets!"
-- The release party for Dessa's Spiral Bound will be held on Feb. 7 at the Guthrie and will feature Aby Wolf and Jeremy Messersmith.
-- Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles have released a new song via their MySpace page.
-- Andrew Broder's new album, I Must Fix All The Problems, is now available as a free download.
-- Dan Deacon has scheduled to play a pair of shows at the Triple Rock in May.
-- How Was The Show reviews Aby Wolf's CD release show at the Cedar.
-- TC Daily Planet profiles Alicia Leafgreen.
-- Death Cab For Cutie and Ra Ra Riot will play the Roy Wilkins in April.
-- Culture Bully reviews Zoo Animal's Young Blood and Franz Diego's The EP.
-- Midwest Broadcast features Zion I & Brother Ali's "Caged Bird Part 1."
-- Gimme (yesterday's) Noise: Bunny Clogs serve up kid-friendly grooves at the Cedar and new P.O.S. promo video goes online.

Local Concert Highlights:
-- Curumin @ the Cedar Cultural Center
(MySpace) (Wikipedia)
-- Kevin Costner and Modern West & Molly Maher @ the Cabooze
Kevin Costner: (Official) (MySpace)
Molly Maher: (Official) (MySpace)
Molly Maher and Her Disbelievers "Balms of Gilead" (mp3)
Molly Maher and Her Disbelievers "3200 Miles" (mp3)
Molly Maher and Her Disbelievers "Tugboat" (mp3)

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- Darla Farmer "Big Accident" (mp3)
-- Future Clouds & Radar "Feet On Grass" (mp3)
-- Future Clouds & Radar "Mummified" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace)
-- Illuminoids "L.E.S Spirit Kids" (mp3)
(Norman Greenbaum vs. MGMT vs. Soulwax vs. Santogold)
(Official) (MySpace)
-- Ra Ra Riot "Ghost Under Rocks (Passion Pit remix)" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
-- Setting Sun "You Got Lucky (Tom Petty cover)" (mp3)
-- Setting Sun "How Long (remix)" (mp3)
-- Setting Sun "They're Calling" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace)

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