Jan. 22, 2009: Gay Witch Abortion, Annuals, St. Paul Slim & 10,000 Lakes Festival

Jan. 22, 2009: Gay Witch Abortion, Annuals, St. Paul Slim & 10,000 Lakes Festival

Twin Cities News:
-- "Together, they cultivate a sonic identity that summons what the hypothetical raping of The Black Keys by Big Black might sound like" -- MN Daily on Gay Witch Abortion's Maverick. MN Daily also interviews St. Paul Slim.
-- In addition to reviewing Aby Wolf's Sweet Prudence, Culture Bully features a review and photoset from the Annuals' Varsity Theater show.
-- Brit Rock at the Top has video and photos from Adele's Fitzgerald Theater show.
-- This year's 10,000 Lakes Festival is set to feature Wilco, Widespread Panic, Dave Matthews Band, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Cloud Cult and William Elliott Whitmore. Also, would it really be a 10KLF without Wookiefoot? I think not.
-- PiPress, Strib & Decider all review Lil Wayne's Target Center show.
-- Gimme (yesterday's) Noise: The Killers Bring Vegas to the Northrop, Live Aby Wolf mp3s, courtesy of new local podcast project.

Local Concert Highlights:
-- Gospel Gossip, Fuck Knights, Baby Guts & Son of a Gun @ The Entry
Gospel Gossip: (MySpace)
Gospel Gossip "Nashville" (mp3)
Gospel Gossip "Shadows are Bent" (mp3)
Gospel Gossip "Revolutions in Physics" (mp3)
Fuck Knights: (MySpace)
Baby Guts: (Official) (MySpace)
Baby Guts "Staplegun" (mp3)
-- The Map and the Territory, Hojas Rojas, Two Months to Live & Inwood Radio @ Hexagon Bar
The Map and the Territory: (MySpace)
Hojas Rojas: (Official) (MySpace)
Two Months to Live: (MySpace)
The Inwood Radio: (Official) (MySpace)
-- Cedric Burnside & Steve "Lightnin'" Malcolm @ Palmer's Bar
Cedric Burnside: (Official)
Steve "Lightnin'" Malcolm: (Official)

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- DJ Never Forget "Pretty Good Tunes For A Saturday" (mp3)
-- Max Justus "Seven from Five Leaping Leopards" (mp3)
-- Ruby Isle "The Rake's Song (The Decemberists cover)" (mp3)
-- Porno Galactica "Mason Remale" (mp3)
-- Porno Galactica "Super Whore" (mp3)
-- Richard Swift "Lady Luck" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

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