Jan. 21, 2009: Atmosphere, Kool Keith, Neko Case & Now, Now Every Children

Twin Cities News:

-- Atmosphere says "You're So Ugly."

-- Military Special is streaming their forthcoming album, Civil Union, in its entirety via the band's website. Civil Union will see official release March 3.

Military Special "Factory Floors" (mp3)

-- Neko Case will be joined by Crooked Fingers for a show at the State Theatre in April.


-- Now, Now Every Children will be playing the Varsity on Feb. 12 with Lovedrug.

-- CMJ features an article on El Guante.

-- Mpls St. Paul Mag recaps Monday night's AC/DC show--CP has a slideshow of the event.

-- Animal Collective will play First Avenue in May.

-- The Evening Rig will host a release show for their forthcoming album, Is Doin' Stuff, March 27 at The Entry.

-- Of all places, Kool Keith will be performing at The Whole in April.

-- Gimme (yesterday's) Noise: The T-Wayne spectacle comes to the Twin Cities.

Local Concert Highlights:

-- Mel Gibson & The Pants and Building Better Bombs @ The Uptown

Mel Gibson & The Pants: (MySpace)

Mel Gibson & The Pants "Unleash The Beat" (mp3)

Mel Gibson & The Pants"Crosby Steals Nash and Runs" (mp3)

Building Better Bombs: (Official) (MySpace)

-- Reloaded Wednesdays Joke Band Festival @ Turf Club

-- Poon Twang, Dude Wop, Twinkie Jiggles and MCTC, Jus' Friends & dVRG's Angels

Daily Audio Downloads:

-- Cosmo vs Flapsandwich "George Bush RIP" (mp3)


-- Shawn Hewitt "We May Not be That Different After All" (mp3)


-- Kicksville "Old Man John" (mp3)


-- Meridene "Stay Alive" (mp3)


-- Middle Class Rut "Busy Bein' Born" (mp3)


-- Aidan Moffat & The Best Ofs "Big Blonde" (mp3)


-- The Poison Control Center "Well All Right" (mp3)


-- Say Hi "November Was White December Was Grey" (mp3)


-- State Shirt "Time To Go" (mp3)

-- State Shirt "Fell Out Of The Sky" (mp3)

-- State Shirt "Computer" (mp3)

(Official) (MySpace)

-- Suburban Kids with Biblical Names "1999" (mp3)

(MySpace) (Wikipedia)

-- Utada "Come Back To Me" (mp3)