Jan. 14, 2009: Stone Arch Festival, Lady Gaga & Best New Bands

Jan. 14, 2009: Stone Arch Festival, Lady Gaga & Best New Bands

Twin Cities News:
-- Brian Setzer's 50th Birthday Bash has been announced for Friday, April 10 at the Fine Line. Lady Gaga will also be playing the Fine Line on March 23.
-- The Decider interviews Lucy Michelle.
-- Local bands take notice - applications are now being accepted for this year's Stone Arch Festival.
-- Ruby Isle has released a video which accompanies their rendition of Bon Iver's "Skinny Love."
-- Culture Bully reviews Monday night's George Clinton show at First Avenue.
-- Les Claypool, DeVotchka and Saul Williams will play the Myth in March.

Local Concert Highlights:
-- Cursive, Ladyfinger & Story of the Sea @ Triple Rock Social Club
Cursive: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
Cursive "Dorothy at Forty" (mp3)
Cursive "Bad Sects" (mp3)
Cursive 'The Recluse" (mp3)
Ladyfinger: (Official) (MySpace)
Story of the Sea: (Official) (MySpace)
-- First Avenue's Best New Bands
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles: (MySpace)
Lookbook: (MySpace)
Bouncer Fighter: (MySpace)
Kristoff Krane: (MySpace)
The Dynamiters: (Official) (MySpace)
Yer Cronies: (Official) (MySpace)
Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps: (MySpace)

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- Cut Off Your Hands "Turn Cold" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace)
-- Dead Heart Bloom "Flash In A Bottle" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace)
-- Home Video "I Can Make You Feel It" (mp3)
-- Home Video "Maybe What You Need" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace)
-- The Long Lost "The Art of Kissing" (mp3)
-- Mayda "Stereotype" (mp3)
-- Elvis Perkins in Dearland "Shampoo" (mp3)
-- Now, Now Every Children "Sleep Through Summer" (mp3)
-- Vetiver "Everyday" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace)
-- Zillionaire "Decades" (mp3)

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