Jan. 12, 2009: No Bird Sing, Jason Shannon and Roma di Luna

Twin Cities News:

-- Empty's Tapes offers a recording of No Bird Sing's set from The Depot this past weekend and Culture Bully shares a brief profile of the group.

-- Cake in 15 reviews Roma di Luna's recent show at The Cedar.

-- How Was The Show interviews Jason Shannon.

-- "An Italian court has ruled that Prince's 1994 hit 'The Most Beautiful Girl in the World' was plagiarized from a song by two Italian writers." (Billboard)


-- Lunch of Champions profiles Solid Gold's Bodies of Water.

-- In addition to reviewing the group's new album Detroit vs. Farming, Culture Bully recaps A Paper Cup Band's Friday night CD release show.

-- Rift reviews of last year's albums from The Blend and The Wars of 1812.

-- Gimme (Friday's) Noise: Tapes 'n Tapes want to help you save your nickels 'n dimes.

Local Concert Highlights:

-- George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic @ First Avenue

(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

-- Roe Family Singers @ 331 Club


Daily Audio Downloads:

-- Animal Collective "My Girls (Dave Wrangler Remix)" (mp3)


-- BM Linx "The Outlaw Jimmy Rose" (mp3)

-- BM Linx "Red House Been Empty" (mp3)

(Official) (MySpace)

-- Scott Pinkmountain "You Gave Me This" (mp3)

-- Scott Pinkmountain "I Shall Not Be Released" (mp3)