Jake Rudh and Transmission get a shout out from original MTV VJ Martha Quinn

Jake Rudh and Transmission get a shout out from original MTV VJ Martha Quinn

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Even Martha Quinn still wants her MTV. The original MTV VJ from back in the '80s (when the channel actually still played music videos) took to the airwaves today on her Sirius/XM radio show to sing the praises of local DJ Jake Rudh's Transmission dance night going down at First Avenue this evening.

Tonight's Transmission theme is I Want My MTV, and will feature Rudh playing the video hits of the '80s and '90s for a crowd looking to take a trip back to when hair was big, outfits were loud and colorful, and the music was blissful and bouncy.

Rudh's Transmission nights are always a rousing success, with music fans of all types uninhibitedly getting down to his choice cuts. And when Transmission goes down at First Avenue, as it will be tonight, good times and great music are guaranteed.

Rudh still has plenty of love for the music channel that helped shape his early musical tastes, and was shocked when Martha Quinn gave him and Transmission a shout out earlier today:

"I watched MTV religiously from 1981 through 1997(ish). I had an innocent crush on Ms. Quinn the entire time. I reached out to her a while back, asking if she'd record a video of herself doing a shout-out to Minneapolis and introduce the next video I'd play at the club tonight, but because of timing, she wasn't able to. I kind of gave up on the whole original VJ idea then.

Then the email arrived. Having Martha plug the show a couple times today via her Sirius/XM program was something I wasn't expecting. The audio just appeared in my inbox this morning and I about spit out my cereal when I clicked it open!"

Jake Rudh and Transmission get a shout out from original MTV VJ Martha Quinn

Tickets for tonight's Transmission: I Want My MTV night at First Avenue can be purchased here. You can also join Transmission's Facebook Fan Page, and follow along with Jake on Twitter @JakeRudh (with the official hashtag for tonight's event #Transmission) while he sets First Ave. off this evening. Get there early for the deep cuts, with the instantly recognizable crowd favorites coming later in the night.

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