Jacuzzi Boys: We'll follow what excites us down the rabbit hole

Jacuzzi Boys: We'll follow what excites us down the rabbit hole
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Jacuzzi Boys were South Florida's big revelation in 2007. Somewhere between the arenas of punk power-pop and surf psychedelics, their rock 'n' roll racket has certainly captured the attention of numerous fans across the world and independent heavy-hitters like Hardly Art and Third Man Records. Comprised of Danny Gonzalez on bass, Diego Monasterios on drums and Gabriel Alcala on guitar and vocals, the Boys will be on tour the entire month of June mainly supporting the relaunched Man or Astroman?

Gimme Noise had a chance to chat with Danny and Gabriel about the band's forthcoming self-titled album, due in September, and life on the road.

Gimmie Noise: Please explain the significance of the band's logo of a dagger through a pineapple and whose two drops of blood are those? Wouldn't a Cuban sandwich or a pair of Venezuelan arepas be more apt?

Gabriel: Diego drew it in the van one day while on tour. It wasn't until much later that we had the idea to use it as our logo. It just has it all! Fruits, sex and a dagger. Our second idea was to have a Cuban sandwich stab through an arepa!

What expectations do you have for the new single "Double Vision" as far as fan-made videos are concerned? Also, what was your reaction after that very memorable "Glazin'" video, featuring singing vaginas, was released?

Danny: Man, expectations are pretty low actually... I mean, attempting a fan-made video with that as the bar is a pretty daunting task! Having said that though, I definitely encourage folks to give it a try! And yea, I loved everything about the "Glazin'" video! What is there not to like?!

Jacuzzi Boys - "Glazin'"

Directed by Mayer/Leyva © 2011.

You guys had a pretty packed itinerary at this year's SXSW Festival; how did you prep for it and is Austin really the Mecca of individualist cool everybody makes it out to be?

Danny: Yea, it was only our second time going, but we definitely played way more than the first time out. Believe it or not though, it was way less exhausting this time. There was a lot less waiting around and deciding what to do between shows, which can be pretty exhausting. I don't know about all the 'cool" stuff, but we have a good time, that's for sure.

How would you compare your experiences on the road in the U.S. with last year's Northern Europe tour? How was returning and performing in Scotland for Danny?

Danny: Man, maybe it was just the excitement of being in Europe for the first time as a band, but it was such a special trip! Don't get me wrong, we've had some great times in North America, but besides the fun factor, you just eat and sleep way better in Europe! And returning to Glasgow was very, very cool, but a little bittersweet as well. I was able to reconnect with some folks I hadn't spoken to in more than eight years!

You guys have about 16 releases posted on your site. It's only been about six years since you burst into the Miami scene; is there any fear of running dry anytime soon? What's the process behind your creations?

Gabriel: Nah, I don't think we worry about that at all... We have so much fun doing what we do that I think it's gonna be a while before we go dry. Also for the process, it always varies... A song can start with a cool song title, bass part, chord progression or a drum beat... If it excites us, we'll follow it down the rabbit hole.

Jacuzzi Boys - "Automatic Jail"

Directed by John McSwain © 2011.

You also have been associated with as many record labels, is there anything in the working relationship with them or does it boil down to the pure economics of which indie can support X amount of copies released? With the rate your shit goes out of print, I'd like to cash in on you guys and release a 7"!

Danny: Ha ha... Yea, I don't know, it's just the way it works out. There are a lot of cool labels out there that we're fans of, and luckily we've been able to work with a few of them... We're hoping to do a few singles after the LP drops, and those will probably be on different labels as well.


Where's my copy of the Ghost Ghost 7" that was promised to me back in 2007?

Danny: I think you need to talk to Diego about that.

How did you guys hook up this tour with Man or Astroman? The tour makes sense to me in that they too have been a very prolific band since they came to prominence in the 90's.

Danny: As far as I'm concerned, they just asked their booking agent to reach out to us. We're good friends with their tour manager, and we've played The Bottletree in Birmingham a few times which Brian Teasley is involved with... We actually had to spend a couple of nights at the venue when we broke down once, so he's definitely familiar with us!

I recall their shows being very energetic and fun, which you certainly share with them but I'm imagining that their crowd would be closer to me in age, if not, a little older. How're you expecting the crowds to mix?

Danny: I hadn't given it much thought really... but hopefully everyone holds hands and jumps around together.

Danny's Cuban-American, Diego and Gabriel are Venezuelan; what's the most craved food while on the road?

Danny: Croquetas and Cuban coffee!

Gabriel: Milanesa, rice & beans!

Given your combined Caribbean Tropicalia and that you all seem to really like living in South Florida, why are most of your records recorded in relatively colder climates?

Danny: Well we pretty much do all the writing down here, but it's fun to get out of town for a while and do nothing but record. No distractions! We carry the sunshine in our hearts anyway though...

What can you tell me about the upcoming album and how similar/different it will be from No Seasons and Glazin' ? I find that your singles are not good indicators to an album's "whole" sound, is this a conscious effort or do you delight in throwing in some musical curveballs into the larger oeuvres?

Danny: It's definitely different than the other LPs, but that's the goal isn't it? If No Seasons was the Everglades, and Glazin' was the mall, I'd say this one is the airport. As far as singles go though, I think there tends to be a lot of variety on the records so it's kinda hard to pick one song that captures the "sound." We just go on instinct I guess.

Will there be more songs in Spanish featuring exotic instrumentation?

Danny: We haven't gotten there yet, but nothing is off limits!

I wholeheartedly appreciate the staunch, vinyl-only (well, with digital downloads) release ethic you guys have had since the beginning. I know Danny is an avid record guy but will there ever be a cassette-only release? I love tapes and they seem to be having a resurgence in the independent scene.

Gabriel: I don't know about a tape-only release, but we've put out both of our previous albums on cassette through Burger Records. They rule. We're planning to do the same with this one...

I recently did some articles on the adult industry during the EXXXotica Expo and on that note, I haven't gotten all my ya-yas out, so... what's the weirdest sexual thing that has ever occurred to you guys on the road and/or at home, excluding, of course, the fan-made video.

Gabriel: Somos virgenes! (We are virgins!)

Will you be holding a copy of the new single aside for me, or will I be asking about it in 2019?

Danny: Which would you prefer? I'm flexible.

Jacuzzi Boys - "Ghost Ghost"

Directed by Jude Matthews © 2008.

Could you guys cut a 25-minute version of the "Double Vision" for the next time I go on a drug and alcohol-fueled binge?

Gabriel: Ha, that was the single edit version. The one on the LP is like a minute longer. While recording it we probably went on for like eight minutes and we just found the right spot to fade out.

What plans do you have for the tour and immediately after? What long-term plans do you guys have both in and out of music?

Gabriel: We just wanna keep doin' it! Putting out more records and hopefully a handful of 7"s this year. I hope we play some countries we've never been to before. As for long-term, we can't see that far really... If we're having fun now, that's all that matters!

Jacuzzi Boys and Man or Astroman? play at the Turf Club on Thursday, June 13. Get tickets here.

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