Jacques Renault to headline Too Much Love's summer bash


By now, unless you've been living in a cave (or you're permanently stranded in St. Paul), you already know about Too Much Love. The current cross-pollination between the indie and electronic music scenes has yielded one of the most popular dance nights First Ave has ever seen, and it's responsible for the throngs of brightly-dressed hipsters congregated outside the venue every Saturday night. On the inside, it's not the typical drunken grindfest set to overplayed Top 40; clubbers dance with wild abandon, less concerned with looking like a player than having a riotously good time. And, more good times seem to be in store, especially since this Saturday is a special edition -- a Summer Club Jam featuring NYC beatsmith Jacques Renault.

Take a quick look at a few of the labels that are releasing some of the tunes being featured at TML: Berlin/London tastemakers Rekids, disco chopshop Wurst Edits, and the home of LCD Soundsystem, DFA. Renault has prominent releases on all three (and plenty of others), either as himself or as a part of his collaboration with Marcos Cabral, dubbed RUNAWAY. Those releases, along with well-recieved DJ performances around the world, have led Paper magazine to award Renault with the title of Best NYC DJ. With all the record-toting jocks in New York clamoring for such a title, you can imagine that the competition was stiff, further marking Renault as a genuine talent.

Even if the weather outside conspires to be a little more brisk than usual, Renault's fusion of disco edits and bleeding-edge house music should be more than enough to set First Ave's checkerboard dancefloor ablaze. And with the combined pedigree of Too Much Love and one of NYC's finest, how could this be anything less than one of the best parties summer has to offer? Oh, wait--cover is little more than pocket change. Yeah, the recession excuse isn't going to work this time around, so you might as well strap on your dancing shoes.

Jacques Renault @ Hype Machine!

Too Much Love's Summer Club Jam feat. Jacques Renault - First Avenue Mainroom - Saturday, July 25th - 10pm - $3 ($1 w/ student ID) - 18+