Izzy's to honor Dessa with new flavor, charitable/boozy ice cream social

A skilled artist's rendering of what Dessa might look like holding an ice cream cone

A skilled artist's rendering of what Dessa might look like holding an ice cream cone

Dessa is a woman of multitudes. The spirited MC has long been the poetic center of Doomtree, but she's also been a locally revered author, teacher, columnist, and beer describer.

She's been boom. She's been bust. But now she's something she's never been before — a velvety dairy treat. Izzy's Ice Cream will soon churn the complexities of Dessa into an ice cream and distribute her very essence one scoop at a time.

Dessa's Existential Crunch, as the collaborative dessert is being called, gloms together flavors from the Minneapolis rapper's time on the road, packaging New Orleans pralines, Wisconsin gas station cashew brittle, and Jameson and Disaronno (of course) into a slurry of brown sugar and crème fraîche ice cream. 

It's the perfect novelty for a night of peering darkly into the despairing abyss that is the Summer of 2016. But it's not all dread and crisis.

On July 27, Dessa and Izzy’s will throw a rooftop ice cream social at the Crown Roller Building in Minneapolis to celebrate the launch of Dessa's Existential Crunch, with free drinks courtesy of Solo Vino. Dessa will be on hand to dish out some scoops and chill with her fellow lactose enthusiasts before performing "a song or two" (press release's words). DJ Ander Other (a.k.a. Young Baby, a.k.a. Doomtree's merch guy) will be there, as will perennial bestie Aby Wolf.

Tickets are $35, with proceeds benefiting homeless youth via The Bridge for Youth, so you get to put some good back into this trash-heap planet while indulging your slovenly desires. Win-win.

We look forward to future co-brands between Dessa and Izzy's, though hopefully they'll be made with a little less writerly ennui. Think Skeleton Key Lime Pie. The Chaco-cone. Perhaps a creamy sorbet named Tarts of Peach.