It's spring somewhere, and this Prince bush is part of it



Prince is in bloom in California.

When Prince died, California artist Christine Stein wanted to pay tribute to him. She painted his image on a piece of plywood, and her husband, David, set the work against a bush in her front yard. Two years later, Prince's afro is now blooming with lots of gorgeous flowers.

“On Easter it bloomed with all these flowers I had never seen before,” she told KCRA, a local news station in Sacramento. “I was like, ‘This is beautiful.’ My husband pointed out to me, ‘There’s flowers on your tree.’ And I was like, ‘I didn’t know it flowered!’”


Now if only Prince could send some sun and flowers our way.

A time-lapse of its creation, set to “When Doves Cry,” can be found online.


While the plant has never flowered before, Stein has previously used it as part of her art. In a previous creation the bush acted as the afro in a piece celebrating gentle hippie painter Bob Ross.