It's official: Dan Wilson is completely sonic

class=img_thumbleft>The Semisonic frontman reached what he describes as the height of professional songwriting Sunday night, when he became the latest Minnesotan to tack "Grammy winner" in front of his name.

The award in question was for "Song of the Year," and it went to the Dixie Chicks' "Not Ready to Make Nice." Wilson penned the tune earlier this year following the media maelstrom and conservative country music backlash that resulted from the Chicks' public disavowal of their most famous state-mate, George W. Mainstream radio disregarded it (for obvious reasons), but will almost certainly have to suck it up and eat some crow now that it's been deemed the year's best tune (you can hear Wilson relishing that thought during this MPR interview, broadcast yesterday).

Meanwhile, Idolator took the opportunity to highlight a few gems from Semisonic's unsung ouevre (which, I believe, consists of every song they wrote that isn't called "Closing Time"). And here's a quick interview Jim Walsh did with Wilson back in March, when "Not Ready to Make Nice" first started getting the cold shoulder from the Toby Keith Urban crowd.

Grammy-winner Dan Wilson will appear at the Cedar Cultural Center tomorrow for a special Valentine's Day solo concert. For a preview, check out a few unreleased tracks from his upcoming, long-delayed, Rick Rubin-produced solo album at his MySpace page.