Is Prince's music coming to Spotify?

The (potential) clues about Prince's music in New York City.

The (potential) clues about Prince's music in New York City. @MusicNewsRumors

Update No 1: Prince's music is coming to the Apple Music streaming service "very soon," Pitchfork reportsUpdate No. 2: Prince's music will hit all major music-streaming services on Feb. 12, New York Post reports. 

If we're to believe steel pillars inside New York City’s Union Square subway station, the answer is a resounding "possibly."  

Those very pillars appeared with a fresh coat of purple paint on Monday, complete with the Spotify logo (see above photo). Using Sherlockian deduction skills, many websites took that gesture to mean Prince's music will soon arrive on the music-streaming service for the very first time. The theory gained momentum upon the reveal of this London billboard:  

The late superstar's catalog could be on Spotify by Grammy night, according to Billboard, though one of Prince's estate execs, L. Londell McMillan, would not confirm as much. The Weeknd, Rihanna, and Bruno Mars are rumored to be participating in a massive Prince tribute during the February 12 awards show.

Currently, Prince's music is only streamable with a subscription to Tidal. "[Tidal co-owner] Jay Z and I did a deal in 90 days. He gets it. And there’s no matrix," Prince said of his decision to cozy up with Tidal in 2015.

Last November, Prince's music companies -- NPG Records Inc. and NPG Music Publishing -- sued Jay Z's Roc Nation company, which controls Tidal. The lawsuit alleges that Roc Nation exploited "many copyrighted Prince works."

This much we know: At least one City Pages employee is tired of listening to "When You Were Mine" on bootleg YouTube.