III, out in April">

Is/Is light "Fire" from debut III, out in April

Is/Is represents the sludgy savior to raise you from the typical local rock doldrums. The all-female Minneapolis trio just dropped a new single from their forthcoming debut album, III. It's called "Fire," and the slow-burning smolder provides the ideal entry into their world -- if, ahem, you didn't happen to catch "Hate Smile" when it was played during my visit to The Local Show on the Current this past weekend. All's forgiven if  you stream here

In any case, anticipation builds for the April 13 release of III, and singer-guitarist Sarah Rose wants everyone (me, at least) that the title is not a reference to the monumental 1991 Sebadoh album of the same name. "Darn I thought we were on to something original," she tells Gimme Noise. But, she also told us what the title actually refers to, as well.

"There are three members in the band, it's the third thing we've released, and there are three different drummers on the album," Rose confirms. "The drummers are Mara Appel -- original drummer who moved to Portland -- Holly Newsom, and Annie May. And that makes three things."

With all of the stuff in triplicate, the next obvious question would be does anyone play triangle on the album? "No triangle," she says. "But the six-year-old daughter of Jeremy Ylvisaker (Cloak Ox, Grammas Boyfriend) sings on a track, and she loves drawing triangles." Spooky.

In any case, you can find some more nuanced commentary regarding the release from the Current's Jon Schober here. He's probably the guy that Gimme Noise will enlist to go door-knocking for the Is/Is cause because they're that deserving of a breakout year.

Remember how there was a single to listen to?

Is/Is plays an album release show with Acid Baby Jesus, Zoo Animal, Heavy Deeds, and Fire in the Northern Firs on Friday, April 13 at Turf Club. 21+, $6; click here.

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