Is/Is changes band name for obvious reasons

Candace (metaphorically) walking away from recently dark band names.

Candace (metaphorically) walking away from recently dark band names.

Terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, better known as ISIS, is in the business of ruining things — lives, freedoms, safey, et. al. Very low on that list but relevant for our purposes: band names.  

The former Minneapolis trio known as Is/Is faced a branding dilemma when the acts of terror perpetrated by ISIS began dominating headlines worldwide. The hazy, stormy, dreamy indie-rock group that now calls Portland, Oregon, home decided to dissociate Tuesday, posting this name-change notice to their Facebook page:  

In light of realities far beyond our control, Is/Is will thus forward be known as “Candace.”

“Is/Is” (/iz-iz/) has metamorphosed from an intentional non-signifier to an unintentional reminder of what can be horrible in this world.

We hope that the new name will make room for us to be more of what we’ve always meant to be — a reflection of the good and small mysteries that make living worthwhile.



So there you have it: Is/Is will henceforth be known as Candace. The principled reasons the band provided for the name swap make sense, plus there's the practical issue of their SEO game being totally wrecked. Candace released a three-song EP, Return to Zero, late last year. Here's our 2013 cover story on the erstwhile Is/Is.

In semi-related news, celebrated Boston metal band ISIS broke up in 2010. They've since altered the name of their Facebook page for clarity