iPod Hijack! Doomtree's Top 10 Most Played

Sound the alarm. We're tenacious and fiending for your iPod playlists, no matter how revealing.  We told you even bands are not immune to this treatment and we weren't messing around. This month, for July's installment, we bring you the top 10 most-played lists of four Doomtree members: rappers Sims and Mike Mictlan, DJ Paper Tiger, and beatmaker Lazerbeak. 


2. "Get On Your Boots (Justice Remix)" - U2 
3. "In the Sky" - B.o.B 
4. "Romo Goth"  - Department of Eagles 
5. "World Is Empty" - J. Cole 
6. "Humble Mumble" - Outkast 
7. "City Lights"  - Redman & Method Man ft. UGK 
8. "Recommendation" - Little Dragon 
9. "When I Said Goodbye" - Mayer Hawthorne 
10. "Blauh"  - Freeway 

Analysis:  The opening beats on Sims' #1 sound like they were made for him (pensive and groovy). The U2 is a little surprising, and we thought we'd see some local hip-hop here, but thanks to Sims for putting us on to Little Dragon -- what a sweet little song that "Recommendation" is. 


2. "Turn to Stone" - Electric Light Orchestra
3. "Your Smiling Face" - James Taylor
4. "Kids" - MGMT
5. "Throw Some D's" - Rich Boy
6. "Sail Away" - Randy Newman
7. "Tubin'" - Hockey Night
8. "Losing Out" - Black Milk
9. "When You Were Young" - The Killers
10. "Step In The Name Of Love" - R.Kelly

Analysis: By far our favorite playlist. Oh, the range! No matter what 'Beak says, Hall and Oates and James Taylor are guilty pleasures. And for that matter, so is "Throw Some D's" by now. To be a great beatmaker, one has got to have a wide variety of taste to draw from, and we can see that Lazerbeak certainly does have that.


2. "This Charming Man" - The Smiths 
3. "Cliquot" - Beirut 
4. "Keepin' The Faith" - De La Soul 
5. "Killing Moon" - Echo and the Bunnymen 
6. "Two Weeks" - Grizzly Bear 
7. "Shake It Out" - Manchester Orchastra" 
8. "Crimewave" - Crystal Castles 
9. "Sun Shower" - Bus Driver 
10. "Gainesville" - Dillinger Four 

Analysis: Clearly the hipster of the group. Nice choices with the Smiths and Echo & The Bunnymen!


2. "Call Mi (Dave Kelley Remix)" - Major Lazer
3. "The Vowels, Pt. 2 (Amplive Remix)" - WHY? 
4. "Let's Get This Paper" - Rich Boy 
5. "Werewolf" - Coco Rosie
6. "Wipe The Dust (feat. Crescent Moon)" - Big Quarters 
7. "Rocketman (Remix feat. Yelawulf)" - Prof 
8. "No Hay Nada Mas" - Mos Def
9. "Mellow Fellow" - B.O.B
10. "Officer Down feat. Brother Ali" - I Self Devine

Analysis: Mike likes rap a lot. And we finally some local hip-hop flavor with Crescent Moon and Big Quarters on track #6 and I Self and Brother Ali on that last cut.  One surprise: Coco Rosie? 

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