iPod Hijack! Big Trouble's Top 10 Most Played


Guilty pleasures and embarrassing secrets are out! Gimme Noise has jacked a handful of iPods and are exposing the goods for all to see. The caramel-smooth instrumental group Big Trouble is a harmonious blend of beloved local musicians but their top 10 most-played lists showcase diverse tastes in their preferred art form. From Santigold, Aphex Twin, Grizzly Bear, local hip-hop, blues and loads of international tunes, Big Trouble's favorites could teach all of us a few things about behaving musically. Bassist Sean "Twinkie-Jiggles" McPherson summarizes each of his band mates, but it's up to you to decide whose music tastes will keep you out of trouble.


1. Birdsong from TATI - Enrico Rava, Stefano Bollini, Paul Motian
  1. Wasserklavier from Complete Works for Piano - Luciano Berio

  2. Petiatil Cx Htdui from drukqs - Aphex Twin

    1. Leolam from Aurora - Avishai Cohen
  3. In a Landscape(John Cage) from Daughters of the Lonsome Isle - Margaret Leng Tan


  4. The Trail of Libels from Black Shabbis - Jamie Saft

  5. T. on a White Horse from The Following Morning - Eberhard Weber

    1. Un Rose from Filmworks Vol. 21: Belle de Nature - John Zorn
  6. Kust Tunnen Kodu from Litany to Thunder - Veljo Tormis

  7. Siisx from Revep EP - Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto

Peter, according to Sean:

Peter Leggett can sing a middle C on request. He is best friends with his growing collection of ECM Records and he talks to his drumset more than you talk to yourself. You can ask if Peter wants a drum solo, he'll say no, but you can ask.


1.  "The Geese of Beverly Road" - The National

2.  "Let's Start a Band" - Love-Cars

3.  "And They All Look Broken Hearted" - Four Tet

4.  "Richard Pryor Addresses a Tearful Nation" - Joe Henry

5.  "Carry Me Ohio" - Sun Kil Moon

6.  "Running to the Ghost" - James Blackshaw

7.  "Lullabye" - Grizzly Bear

8.  "If I Could Sing" - Dosh

9.  "Kim and Jessie" - M83


  1. "Grey Scale" - Fennesz

Sean's opinion of Josh:

Do you remember when you went to the bar and bought 9 drinks? At the same time Josh Peterson was on Ebay buying a 1,200 guitar for 600 bucks and listening to the National. And he was burning a DVD that he rented from Blockbuster Online at the same time. Josh is the tipping point.


  1. "Magpie to the Morning" - Neko Case (Middle Cyclone)

  2. "Air Roc" - Jaydiohead (Jay-Z vs. Radiohead courtesy of Max Tannone)

    1. "Songs of Innocence" - David Axelrod (The Capitol Years)
  3. "J'nuh" - Sunny Day Real Estate (LP2)

  4. "Who Does She Hope to Be" - Sonny Sharrock (Ask the Ages)

  5. "Blues Power (Live)" - Albert King (Live Wire/Blues Power)

    1. "The Choice is Yours" - Black Sheep (Fact or Fiction)
  6. "Sun Place" - Tarentel (Ghetto Beats on the Surface of the Sun)

  7. "Use Me" - Bill Withers (Still Bill)

  8. "Stolen Moments" - Oliver Nelson (Blues and the Abstract Truth) 

Steve, as summarized by Sean:

Steve McPherson will tell you what he likes about a song right while you're listening to it. He'll point at the speakers. He'll even hum it for you. He'll rewind it if you missed it. He'll let you borrow the record.


  1. Everything - Murs
    2. Bagaason (Bah-Guh-Sun) - Big Quarters and Mux Mool
    3. Breaker - Low
    4. The Truth - Jakeone ft. Brother Ali & Freeway
    5. Queens Get The Money - Nas
    6. Nineteen - Tegan and Sara
    7. Rat Race - Gift of Gab
    8. Sirens ft. Carlitta Durand - Little Brother
    9. If Rap Gets Jealous - K'Naan
    10. L.E.S. Artistes - Santogold

Sean, as described by Sean, himself:

Sean 'Twinkie Jiggles' McPherson is a hip-hop joke with an electric bass punchline.

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