Introducing: The George W. Bush Sewage Plant?

The Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco has a simple mission: To honor President George W. Bush once he leaves office in a way befitting his legacy. Their brainchild? Renaming the city's Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant after The Decider. If they get their way, the facility will soon be known as the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

The commission--actually a few friends who got the idea over beers one night--has taken to the streets. It's gathered more than 8,000 signatures to get a referendum on the ballot in November. You can read all about it at SF Chronicle.

Among the choice quotes from the article:

"It's a very simple yes or no question, and there's no real fiscal impact- just the cost of relettering the sign in front of the plant," says organizer Brian McConnell. "This is the way the democratic process is supposed to work, even though it's a silly idea in some people's eyes."

A measured response follows from Howard Epstein, chair of the San Francisco Republican Party: "There's no use other than to make these nutcases feel good. It's typical San Francisco crazies."

So we put the question to you, Minneapolis and St. Paul nutcases and crazies: How would you memorialize the presidency of George W. Bush? If the responses merit--think local, and think funny (ha ha)--there will be prizes.

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