Introducing the City Pages Media Taster

Get free media from City Pages' favorite artists

We're happy to announce the release of our new Media Taster! The City Pages Media Taster lets you actually hear the great music you read about in City Pages—just launch, click, and listen. Simply download the Media Taster and you'll automatically receive a digital mixtape of music on a semi-regular basis (including free MP3s), legal and free of charge. If you discover artists you like, the player allows you to purchase their music directly, track their new content and even send an email to recommend them to your friends.

What your taster will look like...

CP Media Taster

Download the City Pages Media Taster to start hearing music from local artists (like Haley Bonar and Mark Mallman) and national acts (like the Flaming Lips and the Hives):

CP Media Taster

UPDATE: The InRadio servers are getting hit pretty hard, so you may find the download slower than usual.