Introducing 'Aw Naw HELL Naw' with Jimmy 2 Times

Introducing 'Aw Naw HELL Naw' with Jimmy 2 Times

They don' up and done it -- City Pages went and gave your boy a blog password! It is so on right now. So here's the deal: maybe some of you are familiar with me and maybe not, but I'm a bit of a loud mouth so you'll get to know me quick. I DJ and throw parties around town, most notably the monthly bass-in-your-face crunk + hyphy celebration of music that slaps: GET CRYPHY.

Basically I'm here to give you the low down on what's popping off in the ever shifting blogosphere and put the fine people of the Twin Cities up on some stuff that might have flown over your heads or under your butts. I'm talking about fresh and exclusive mixes from your favorite local DJs, new rap and/or dance tracks (that will never make it to local radio, and/or will be referred to as "new" after they've been out for 6 months or more. Ugh/Yawn), and the spots to check for where you can get some fly wares to look good for the fellas or ladies. The reality is there's a lot of cool stuff going down all around you and I have a bunch of buddies in arms that are doing said cool stuff, and City Pages and I both agree that you all should know more about it on a weekly basis.

Introducing 'Aw Naw HELL Naw' with Jimmy 2 Times

UP NEXT WEDNESDAY:  We get chatty with super-design guy and awesome party rocker Mike Davis a.k.a. Mike The 2600 King from Burlesque of North America. 

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