Interview: Yo! Majesty's now-solo Shunda K. 'ain't scared'


Yo! Majesty want you to get your ass on the floor. Well, the grammar there might not be entirely correct at this point, as what was once a duo seems to now be a solo act. In 2007, Yo! broke into the club rap scene like a Christian lesbian rap duo to be reckoned with, the Tampa natives' juicy rump pumper of a single,  "Club Action," remixed and re-edited and re-jiggled to death like a Hollywood starlet's face. Every hipster DJ in the fricking world had that jam in the front of their crate ( wait, who are we kidding -- we mean iPod). But now Shunda K gets all the club action to herself as partner Jwl B. is in the clink on assault charges. When heard this bummer (days after The Election), we hit up Miss Shunda over e-mail to see what we should expect this Monday at the Triple Rock, now that the outspoken Yo! is one woman down. Here's what she said:

GN: Are you nervous to finish out this tour as a solo artist, without your girl Jwl B. to back you up?

SHUNDA: I'm looking forward to performing the whole album all by my damn self cause I ain't scared!!! I'm working on perfecting the show with my dj, DJ Orion, and my dancers, Apollo & Shiva. But can imagine da emotions. I'm stayin focused on da mission, to show da world what real love is all about through my life, being a living example of how blessed one really is when following the footsteps of da Lord no matter what. All odds are against me and people feel I am unworthy to be who I say I am and am striving to be, but I have to keep it movin on they ass.

See, I've learned to keep my eyes focused on myself and what it is I'm to be doin' instead of worrying about what da next man is doin'. You can spend all ya life worrying bout da next, but I am somebody too and I have a responsibility on dis earth too...dat's wassup!!!

GN: OK, now let's get the Obama question out of the way: How did you feel when we as a country elected the first black president on the 20th? Where were you?

SHUNDA: I felt great as I already knew dat Obama was da grace and mercy of God being shown on America for da good people dat still live here, like myself, not mention a man for da world!!! Obama got da whole world on lock, we all got his back!!!

I was in Dublin, Ireland on election day and wrote dis track in London soon after, check it out "Sometime It Takes...Rainy Dayz'. [Editor's note, Shunda includes this track for our readers at the end of this post].

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