International Espionage tonight at Memory Lanes


"Here--stow these re-runs of Yes, Dear with at once and meet me beneath the bridge at midnight."

Think the golden days of espionage ended with Ian Flemming's funeral? Think again.

Back in the day, the spies just snuck up behind you, stole those precious dossiers from under your arm, and repelled out the window on bedsheets smoking Galoises leaving you whistling "Goodbye, English Rose."

These days, they play pop-punk with a synth twist. Decidedly less bloodshed and international feuding, but better for the world, no?

International Espionage--last known footage.

International Espionage is one of those rare bands where the musical marrow lives up to its gimmick. Look upon the lads onstage--see their infrared headlamps (read:bicycle lights) and their active camouflage bodysuits (read:black spandex onesies) and their air-cooled breathable faceplates (read:skimasks), and those jade-encrusted lobes of your brain might write them off as a costume act.

Forget about it. Their most interesting talents are for the ear, not the eye. This is a fully operational ring of pop punk craftsmen, witty enough to absorb synth twists that evoke Devo at the height of their powers, before they descended into desperate pandering. They've toured relentlessly, and have maintained a solid local rep by pacing their shows wisely.

It's been a while for these men and women of intrigue. with a Paper Cup Band adding an outstanding acoustic touch to the night, this will be a well-appointed night. And for free, no less. Just make sure you keep that attache handcuffed to your wrist.

21+. 10:00 P.M. Free. With Liarbirds, a Paper Cup Band, and Ghost Towns Of The West. Memory Lanes, 2520 26th Avenue South, Minneapolis; 612.721.6211.