Instagram talk show host John Mayer will play some guitar at the Xcel in August

Look, it's John Mayer!

Look, it's John Mayer! Frank Ockenfels

Ace guitarist, masterfully uncool soft-rock songwriter, and wildly career-sabotaging interviewee John Mayer will be at St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center on August 5. Will you?

Mayer, the man responsible for “No Such Thing,” “Waiting on the World to Change,” and "If Jennifer Aniston knows how to use BitTorrent, I’ll eat my fucking shoe,” has recently made unexpected inroads with new audiences who do not believe bodies should be thought of as wonderlands. He's received reluctant praise from Deadheads for his touring work with the band and from people who’d rather listen to the Current than Cities 97.1. for his Boz Scaggs-errific 2018 single “New Light.”

Now Mayer is collaborating with Ryan Adams, featuring on that indiscriminately prolific song-generator’s new track, “Fuck the Rain.” Mayer's 2018 album In Search of Everything was better than you think. Given how broadly the critical pendulum swings these days, Mayer’s next album will likely receive fulsome overpraise. (Anyway, some of us were onboard years ago.)

Tickets for the show go on sale this Friday, February 1, through the Xcel box office or Ticketmaster at that same unannounced mystery price that all arena shows go for these days.

When I saw Mayer at the Xcel each of his solos went on a verse too long but he closed with my favorite Randy Newman/Eagles ripoff of his. And we are all fortunate to have lived in a time when Taylor Swift called him a “sad empty town” at the climax of the best John Mayer song he never wrote.