Inspiring! ClickHole riffs on Bob Dylan, Prince

The art from a ClickHole post on Bob Dylan

The art from a ClickHole post on Bob Dylan

Here at City Pages, we've been charged with click-baiting in the past. But hey: We only do it out of love and concern for you, the reader whose amount of page views help determine our digital advertising revenue. 

The master of click-driven internet culture, though, is a website founded to mock it: ClickHole. The devastatingly funny parody of sites like BuzzFeed is owned and co-run by the Onion, and it celebrated its first anniversary last week. CNN media reporter Tom Kludt rightly declared it the funniest site on the internet in his recent profile of the satirical godsend. Mocking our shallow click habits is good business, Kludt points out, as CH racked up almost 4 million unique visitors last month (the venerable Onion had around 7 million).  

Off the top of my head, here are some of my favorite #ClickClassics: 9 Venus Flytraps That All Have The Caption ‘Mama Mia!’, Which One Of My Garbage Sons Are You?, and 7 Famous Dogs From The ’90s That Are Definitely Dead Now. If you're not leveraging CH content on your social media channels to attain maximum virality, get on that. 

In celebration of ClickHole's first birthday, we decided to pound the archival pavement and find the site's best references to Minnesota music. Not surprisingly, we turned up riffs on Bob Dylan and Prince. Happy clicking! 

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