Inspired by Dessa's new ice cream: 'Rap Snacks, but make it Minnesota' edition

World Street Kitchen and Rhymesayers once made a meal of MF Doom

World Street Kitchen and Rhymesayers once made a meal of MF Doom Instagram / World Street Kitchen

Not everyone will be Migos, or Cardi B, pockets bursting with snack-cash. But… is that a bad thing?

Still, plenty of local rappers have followed similar... foodsteps... as these titans by seeking out collaborations that keep their fans as orally and aurally sated. In honor of Dessa’s just-announced ice cream collab with Izzy’s, what follows is the greatest hits of Minnesota’s very own Rap Snacks -- solid and liquid, treated the same. 


Dessa’s Ice Cream… and Whiskey (not meant to be combined but maybe combine them?)

Lots and lots of Time & Distance, Dessa's limited edition bourbon.

Lots and lots of Time & Distance, Dessa's limited edition bourbon. Instagram / Dessa

Newest on this list is “Dessa’s Night Drive.” Doomtree’s resident rapper-chanteuse collaborated with Izzy’s ice cream to create an espresso ice cream mixed with toffee crunch, chocolate-covered espresso chips, and hints of cardamom. This “ace in a cupholder” will debut at the 2019 Minnesota State Fair. Find it at the Hamline Dining Hall, 1667 Dan Patch Ave. (not yet available)

Ice cream isn’t the first foray into satisfying consumables for Dessa. Last fall, she partnered with Spring Grove, Minnesota’s Rockfilter Distillery to create an 88-proof organic bourbon: Time & Distance. Bottles of the limited-run, easy-drinking spirit made their way to specialty liquor stores, and your occasional whiskey bars around town. Some still stock it on their library-high shelves.  (still available in spots, ask around)

If you’re able, why not combine a dram of Time & Distance with a bobbing dollop of Night Drive? Sounds like it could end up either a really great, or really horrible, idea. Let us know after you’ve tried it. 

Astronautalis 11* beer from Modist

Sometimes it takes a craft brewery’s space-themed third anniversary party to unite threads as disparate as the Czech Republic, a touring rapper-photographer, and plums. In this, Modist Brewing knew what it was doing by enlisting the help of local MC (by way of Baltimore and Texas and Seattle and most everywhere on gawds green earth) Astronautalis aka Andy Bothwell. Together, Bothwell and the brewers conjured a lager in a very specific Czech style, reminiscent of those found in his favorite countries, featuring a nod to Moravian Slivovice. (available, but hard to come by)


Mm.. MF Doom’s Yum Yum Bowl 

Listen: We understand enigmatic rapper-producer MF Doom is certifiably not from here. Once upon a time, the infamously masked man was, however, signed to Minneapolis’ homegrown Rhymesayers label. The folks behind World Street Kitchen are also definitely located on Lyndale Avenue. To honor Doom’s brief business-based affiliation with our city, which culminated in his 2004 release of MM.. Food, Rhymesayers and World Street Kitchen combined their super powers to create the only actual meal on this list. The Doom Yum Yum Bowl featured sweet and spicy beef cheek topped with a habanero-pinapple “chow” over coconut rice. (no longer available)


Doomtree runs brewery town

On the whole, local hip-hop collective Doomtree are very good at throwing city-wide parties, running their own label, and doing things their way. They’re also incredibly effective at getting their own beers. As 2014’s Blowout X approached, aka the bangarang gang’s last annual rap extravaganza ever, Doomtree teamed up with Surly to host a quasi-bar crawl, then released a beer together. What resulted defied easy classification -- kind of like the group and Surly itself. (no longer available)

Fast-forward to earlier this summer, when the rapping septet ventured deeper into craft brewing territory, inspired by the Common Sounds Music Festival. In partnership with St. Louis Park’s Steel Toe Brewing, “All Hands Pale Ale” became a testament to both the collaborative spirit of the festival, and the group’s third album -- none of which could’ve happened in a vacuum. (no longer available)


“Snack! Snack! Snack! Munch”

A parting thought to chew on: Minneapolis’ very own Y.N.RichKids will forever own Taki’s... even if Takis doesn’t know it. (available until the end of time *fingers crossed*)