Insane Clown Posse's Shaggy 2 Dope: You won't catch us at the Ritz Carlton Lounge

Insane Clown Posse's Shaggy 2 Dope: You won't catch us at the Ritz Carlton Lounge

On Saturday, Detroit's Insane Clown Posse return to the Twin Cities as part of their Mighty Death Pop tour.

While the Faygo-soaked show will be at the Myth in St. Paul, members Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope have been coming to Minnesota for almost 20 years with generations of loyal Juggalos witnessing the carnage. We spoke to Shaggy 2 Dope on bringing their unique live show on the road, what his first concert was, and the time they visited Paisley Park.

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Gimme Noise: You've always had a strong presence in the Twin Cities. Do you recall your first time in Minnesota?

Shaggy 2 Dope: I don't recall exactly when it was, but I recall the impression it made on me. I think Minneapolis is crazy because it's a big ass city. It's a metropolis, and I don't think a lot of people across America really realize that. It's full of mad diversity and craziness, I love going out there to hang and especially to do shows. Minneapolis has always been good to us.

Do you have any favorite memories from those shows?

I used to do this show for the internet called "The Shaggy Show," back when it took forever to download shit, and [Minnesota] was the first time I got a broad to get naked for my show. That was a fond memory right there. I remember the Quest was the shit, and First Avenue, of course. I remember once we had our bus roll up on Paisley Park just to go see it. It was 3 a.m. and we just marked the fuck out cause we were such huge Prince fans. That was cool even though we didn't do shit, just stood around like some dumb-asses and took pictures.

Insane Clown Posse's Shaggy 2 Dope: You won't catch us at the Ritz Carlton Lounge

Being your catalog is perhaps only rivaled by Kool Keith and Lil B in terms of prolificness, how do you decide which songs to perform life?

Through the years we've whittled down what goes best in concert. We'll take "this from this record" and "this from that record" and every tour we'll flip it up and do a couple new songs, but always make sure the anthems are in the proper spots. Just process of elimination. But this tour is straight-up brand new shit. What we're about to do, is wig-flippin'. If you're a Juggalo and you're reading this, we're about to do a Juggalo fantasy show because we're doing songs we haven't done on other shows. All new stage, mad rare shit from back in the day, an all new top-to-bottom show. It's taken a minute to go back and re-memorize the stuff, but it's going to be phenomenal.

Do you tailor your show town-by-town or does everyone who sees the show get the same experience?

It's the same show every city we go to because we don't perform with live bands. We can't just switch it up on the fly. Sometime we'll switch one or two songs and it'll take a three-four day process for our engineer to switch them back out. The same show we'll be doing in Minneapolis, we'll be doing in Dallas.   In Billboard recently, your partner Violent J mentioned the issues with this tour due to your current lawsuit with the F.B.I. targeting Juggalos. Has that lead to differences between putting together this tour than previous ones?

Putting it together? No, nothing at all. We don't censor our shows. We aren't going to let it hold our performance back. I don't really deal with the venues, but a lot of times we can only play select places anyhow because we throw so much Faygo that people don't want their places getting fucked up. You aren't going to catch us at the Ritz Carlton Lounge.

For anyone potentially reading this who is aware of your media presence but curious about your music, where's the best place for an aspiring Juggalo to start?

To me, anywhere in our catalog. Everybody's got their favorites. We don't get radio play or have a hot single. Pick a spot, pick any song. The newer shit is there, the older shit is there and it's pretty much along the same fucking lines. Just give it a chance. We have such a reputation of getting hated on that people's first reaction is to hate on us without hearing us. Just sit down and actually listen, you'll see that it's good shit. We put out quality shit. You might like the shit out of it.

Insane Clown Posse's Shaggy 2 Dope: You won't catch us at the Ritz Carlton Lounge

Do you recall the first concert you ever went to?

I remember the first concert I was SUPPOSED to go to but didn't go to was INXS with my cousin when I was in fifth grade, which got cancelled for some reason. I was going to get my ear pierced and get a dangling-knife earring, as funny as that sounds. The first one I remember being the shit was Boogie Down Productions. It was dope as shit. Chest-rattling, hype as fuck, KRS-ONE gets the crowd moving. Do you have a particular pre-show ritual?

We don't do a prayer circle, we just make sure we super-duper dap everybody involved in it, and if you miss somebody, that's bad luck to us. You're also celebrating the release of your Riddlebox Weekend DVD where, almost 20 years after its release, you performed the Riddlebox album in its entirety. Looking back, is there anything you would change on it now?

Not a thing. It was so awesome doing that show because we announced it a year-and-a-half before we did it, and it actually do it was great. It all came back so fucking naturally, it was great for us. We did it as a real small venue in Detroit, it was a really intimate show. Anything we put out in the past, there's nothing I would change about anything, that's what makes that record unique. We're proud of everything we've ever put out. Insane Clown Posse. With the Moonshine Bandits, Kung Fu Vampire. All Ages, $25-$30, 7 p.m., Saturday, May 18 at Myth. Click here.

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