Insane 2,375-album Prince collection hits eBay

Now that's what we call a lot of Prince!

Now that's what we call a lot of Prince!

You might love Prince, but there's no way you've devoted as much of your record collection to the Purple One as eBay seller alexpro

The French collector/second-hand retailer has just put his insane, 2,375-piece Prince record collection up for sale on the auction website. The bidding on the treasure trove starts at $115,175, and deep-pocketed aficionados have until Friday at 8:54 a.m. to raise their digital paddles if they hope to be the new owner.

The lists of rarities and goodies alexpro — real name Alex de Marseilles — is parting with spans 26 Excel sheets, encompassing the enigmatic rock star's entire career. There's 12-inch singles from Hong Kong, colored Japanese pressings, and a custom cabinet loaded with 7-inches. There are even flexi bootlegs from Soviet-era Russia.

Of course, there are a lot of repeats (one image shows roughly 20 copies of 1979 single "I Wanna Be Your Lover" and nine versions of "Paisley Park"), but what obsessive collection is complete without a multilingual contingency plan?

Here's a very internet 1.0 website with some more details on the collection, which took de Marseilles 30 years to amass.

Unlike some other eBay auctions that've popped up in the wake of the Artist's passing, this listing seems to be more in the spirit of honoring Prince rather than cashing in on his legacy. Despite the six-figure price tag (and that's without international shipping figured in), you'd have to assume de Marseilles didn't spend three decades combing the international vinyl market to turn a profit on a tragedy.

At the very least, the prolific eBayer has given Prince nerds a glimpse at what is surely the greatest collection of Prince music not locked away at Paisley Park.

As of this writing, the opening bid for the lot has not been met.