Incubus at Myth, 5/9/2012

Myth Nightclub, Maplewood
May 9, 2012

Not many bands are brave enough to take the stage with no opener to warm up the crowd, but alt-rockers Incubus needed no segue for their almost two-hour set that shared songs from all of their albums. With eyes closed and lost in his own world, lead singer Brandon Boyd launched into "Privilege" from the band's breakout album Make Yourself.

The crowd came ready to cheer over everything the band did, be it a simple introduction from Brandon claiming, "It's lovely to see you," to him taking off his shirt to reveal a tank top, eventually leading him to strip that to show off his tattoos. With the flip of his hair, Brandon Boyd can make any girl think she has a chance of going home with him, while making every guy think they can be him.

Three songs in, the band was able to find their groove with the driving "Anna Molly," their first single, following up with the title track off the newest album If Not Now, When? When it was released, "Pardon Me" was not well received, but eventually became the anthem song for college-aged boys of the early millennium era with the lyrics, "A decade ago, I never thought I would be at twenty three, On the verge of spontaneous combustion." The band's biggest hit, "Pardon Me," was tucked surprisingly early in the set, but that didn't mean the band was done entertaining the masses.

Incubus at Myth, 5/9/2012
Photo by Youa Vang

"In the Company of Wolves" was a bit of a wrench in the set with its slow, languid timing, but all was forgiven when the opening riffs of "Drive" were played. The band dusted off "Earth to Bella," which had not been part of the regular set in recent years. The audience came ready to sing along to every song, including "Nice to Know You" and "Wish You Were Here," which is almost reminiscent of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" in sentiment.

The lyrics of the band's music paint a bleak, depressing world that we live in, especially on "Sick Sad Little World," including lyrics to "leave me here in my stark raving sick sad little world," which ended the band's regular set.

Incubus at Myth, 5/9/2012
Photo by Youa Vang

People often leave before a band is able to share an encore set. Sometimes it is not worth it to stick around, but this time it certainly was. "Pantomime" was a welcome addition, but the advice-ridden "Warning" was the perfect ending with Brandon Boyd giving Alicia Keys a run for her money with the rise and fall of his voice.

Critic's bias: I am familiar with Incubus' earlier works, but have lost a bit of touch with their newer material. Despite this, the band can still put on a epic show.

Overheard in the crowd: "He just owns it; he owns that stage."

Random notebook dump: Important walking is an important tool of the music industry. If you walk with purpose, you can get backstage without being questioned.

The crowd: Bros interspersed with women.


Anna Molly
If Not Now, When?
Pardon Me
Promises Promises
A Crow Left of the Murder
In the Company of Wolves
Earth to Bella
Nice to Know You
Wish You Were Here
Sick Sad Little World


Incubus at Myth, 5/9/2012
Photo by Youa Vang
Incubus at Myth, 5/9/2012
Photo by Youa Vang

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