In My Life: New John Lennon exhibit in Paris

2005 would have been the year John Lennon turned 65. Instead, it's the 25th anniversary of his murder. A new multimedia exhibit in Paris, John Lennon: Unfinished Music, recreates the phases of his life, from his Liverpool beginnings to a replica of the Abbey Road recording studio. Many previously unseen personal drawings and manuscripts are being displayed for the first time, as well as his last piano and Sgt. Pepper-era costumes. (One piece of Lennon-obilia that won't be displayed is the envelope on which he wrote the lyrics for "Give Peace a Chance"-- it's going up for auction next month, and expected to sell for a quarter-million dollars.) Of course, it's all the property and under the control of Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, who never tires of shooting her mouth off about her late husband: when she's not dissing Paul McCartney in a roomful of his peers, she's telling Bono that he's Lennon's lovechild.