In Defence kicks off Europe tour tonight at Memory Lanes

In Defence kicks off Europe tour tonight at Memory Lanes

Not pictured-- Ben Crew, tacos.

In a recent interview in Razorcake, Ben Crew, vocalist and motivator for In Defence, stated that a silent war was underway in America-- not a war of race or ideology, but rather a war between pizza lovers and taco lovers. This is Crew's war.

In Defence is a true local gem, even if their name doesn't get the mentions it deserves outside the local punk circuit. In Defence isn't just a great band-- they are a band of such incomprable wit, humor, and blunt force goodwill that any fan of local music should mortify themselves for missing out.

The stuff of legend-- In Defence performs at a Taco John's.

And at last, the lads are headed abroad.

The Europe tour is a seperater of men and mice-- spend a month playing Ibiza and Barcelona, and you know you've hit a whole new level. And starting next week, In Defence will officially become an international property, and will at last earn the right to spell their name with a "c".

And you've got one last chance to take part in that great war of the after-bar snack. We don't care if you're a pizza fanatic-- with music this loud and this good, you better just shut up and chomp a hard shell, suckah.

Well, enjoy them while you can. Bands who have this much fun tend not to stay in one place.

21+. 9:00 P.M. Free. With B.T.S., Cokskar, and born For The Gallows. Memory Lanes, 2520 26th Avenue, Minneapolis; 612.721.6211.

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