In Da Pub: 1st Annual Zombie Pub Crawl

If death is the great equalizer, rising from the grave classifies us once again. The 1st Annual Zombie Pub Crawl brought out all types of walking corpses: Romero's original undead dressed in tattered suits, the bluish ghouls from Dawn of the Dead, and even one of 28 Days Later's red-eyed ragers. But if all zombies are truly created equal, how do you account for the great cheer that erupted when Jesus, Kurt Cobain, and Michael Jackson arrived together? Around 90 people met up at Logan Park in Northeast, and three bars later another 50 had joined the ambling, moaning group. The pub crawl was organized by Zombie Productions, a few guys who'd heard about zombie-themed happenings around the country and decided to rile up interest in Minneapolis. Carrying a suitcase of makeup and a gallon milk jug filled with homemade blood (corn syrup, chocolate sauce, and red food coloring), they were ready to recruit. The event wasn't just a social gathering but an experiment to see how the public might react to a horde of the undead stumbling down the middle of 13th Avenue. Aside from one car that executed a Y-turn at the first glimpse of rotting flesh, passers-by generally seemed amused. A guy driving past Mayslack's even allowed himself to be pulled from his SUV and subjected to a feeding frenzy. Although the swarm was easily distracted by alcohol, the crawl's official cheer got everyone back on track. "What do we want?" "Brains!" "When do we want 'em?" "Braaaaains!"