In Da Club: The Pogue Brady Rockstravaganza at the 331 Club


It's Saturday night and the 331 Club is flooded with art lovers, beat but not yet ready to head home. The scene onstage is no different. Married couple Mike Brady and Amy Pogue look a bit worn out from wandering around Northeast all day, and their band is packed even more tightly than the crowd, with seven members squished into an area not much larger than a minivan. The Pogue Brady Rockstravaganza (as they're known tonight; "Pogue" and "Brady" are the only permanent parts of the name) resurrect old Mike Brady Trio songs like "Shadow Racer" and "Leather Trench," filling them out with horns and fiddle. In turn, the tunes pop in ways that three talented musicians understandably couldn't manage. Exhaustion is setting in for many and the set is appropriately low-key, although now and then Martin Devaney starts pogoing when the band doesn't require his saxophone. At the end of the last song, drummer Kevin Riach finds just enough room in his dark, tiny corner to tumble off his stool, knocking over a cymbal in the process. "I have to say, that's the dorkiest way a guy has ever destroyed his drum set," says Brady.