In Da Club: Misplaced Music Radio broadcast at the Dinkytowner

At Saturday's Misplaced Music Radio broadcast at the Dinkytowner, Lifestyle of Wigs' "Stars" started as a crisp folk-rock stomp, but slid into two thunderous, strumming breaks and three big hooks. It did this almost invisibly, in contrast with the effort the band showed onstage. Singer/guitarist Max Edwards sang in a pure, clear twang through a thicket of bangs while both picking precisely and flailing around like a freshly tazered perp on Cops. Drummer Ryan Lovan looked like he was riding an invisible mechanical bull as he pounded his kick drum. Bassist Taras Ostroushko appeared the most unflappable, but one of his bass strings was of less stern stuff and checked out after "Stars" ended. He pulled it off the guitar and soldiered on. "Ostroushko was A-OK, easily grounding the mercurial time changes of the next tune, "Jambo", and the set's closer, a measured version of Guided By Voices' "Chicken Blows" (minus the oh, la, oh la la la chorus, which more than a few audience members filled in), on which Edwards pulled forth new poignancy from the bleary lyrics.


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