In Da Club: Kevin Bowe and High on Stress at the Terminal Bar

Lindsey Thomas

Fifteen minutes before live music started at the Terminal Bar on Saturday night, someone realized that Tones on Tail, Daniel Ash's post-Bauhaus project, wasn't setting the right mood, and soon Son Volt was croaking overhead. Singer songwriter Kevin Bowe took the stage in front of a sparsely populated room--only the bravest souls leave the house on one of the coldest nights of the year. Bowe brightened his repertoire of heartbreak and broken dreams with stories about trying to pitch Joan Baez a protest song ("She said, 'I don't do war songs anymore,' and I was like, 'So you think war is good now? What the hell is wrong with you?'") and a recent gig writing crappy music for a Playboy DVD. Jangle pop quartet High on Stress (pictured) were noticeably less comedic, but the tunes from their new album, Moonlight Girls, stood on their own. The band's almost-alt-country sound kept the audience happy, despite the chilly temperature of the room. And lead singer Nick Leet treated everyone to a little freestyle ass-shaking, perhaps to keep warm.

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