In Da Club: Dad in Common at the Turf Club


They look good enough to hate. Yet here we stand, Nate the photographer and I, charmed by the Dad in Common at the band's CD-release party Friday night at the Turf Club. You see, Nate usually dislikes harmonicas. Me, I've seen more than my share of arty politicos trying to conjure up a medicine show. But Andy Peterson is wailing away on the mouth harp and sounding pretty good to us, despite the preceding faux Bible-thumping, complete with flickering votive candles. It helps immensely that TDIC is composed of worthy musicians and that most of their songs are nice and dark. They smile too much to be labeled goth folk, sounding more like 16 Horsepower, especially when Peterson mournfully plucks away at the banjo. The group keeps its live show interesting with regular instrument change-ups, as when Alexandria Cole switches from electric bass to cello. Drummer/lead singer Andy Clayton sometimes steps from behind his kit to sing straight to the audience, who help keep time with hand claps. His lyrics are decipherable—a forgotten skill more singers should rediscover, because listeners are more likely to stay with you when they can understand your message. "There is no end to the making and selling of things," he sings. "There is no end in sight." Amen.