In case you missed it: Gayngs cover Sade for Daytrotter

illustration via Daytrotter

I know, I know. Gayngs this, Gayngs that. It's not our fault they continue to murder it. And this is especially notable for the beautiful rendition of Sade's "By Your Side" they recorded at Chez Iver, Daytrotter in tow (and the footage of them performing it live in Chicago last week).

Daytrotter puts Gayngs this way:

"These 10 men, occasionally 23 people, often somewhere in between, are beholden to nothing but their inner boombox and what seems to be pumping on them are the sounds of Hall & Oates, the Bee Gees, Bread, Eric B & Rakim, A Tribe Called Quest, The Doobie Brothers and Sade. Olson, who gets much of the credit for the arrangements and general aesthetic of this super group, is a guy who makes the beer runs, when needed, returning by peeling into the driveway, proudly hoisting two more 18-packs of Bud heavy for the troops. His enthusiasm, on this day earlier in the week, at the recording and living compound that Bon Iver's Justin Vernon built and paid for, is contagious and what you find in this ranch-style house - a former veterinary clinic (with the pet-sized operating table still in its place in another wing of the complex) - which sits on 10 heavenly acres in the middle of the country, is a group of men fully in love with the form and process of slow-jam, funk-jam melody and harmony..."

Listen to "By Your Side" below, and download the set at Daytrotter.

Gayngs, "By Your Side"

And the team in Chitown:

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