Impaler's Bill Lindsey talks about the band's recent tour and their return to the 7th St. Entry


It's been some time since we last heard from Twin Cities shock rockers Impaler. Since we last met up, the band has been working on all cylinders, playing gigs around town with some well known legendary metal bands like Faster Pussycat and Paul Di'anno. They've also been out on the road, traveling cross-country in May and bringing their special brand of horror inspired thrash metal to loving fans who still carry a torch for the band.


With a new 7" on it's way this summer and more shows coming up in town, including a massive bill this Saturday in the 7th St. Entry, I gave ghoulish lead singer Bill Lindsey a call to see how he and his band of zombies have been.

Gimme Noise: Impaler went out on a U.S. tour last month. What were some of the highlights? Bill Lindsey: I would say personally my faves were Omaha, Idaho and L.A.; Seattle and Idaho were first-time shows for Impaler in those cities. Anytime I get on stage I have a great time. It's a written law in the religion of rock! I always say that touring is LOTS of fun and LITTLE sleep.

Does Impaler get to take in some of the sights and tourist places whilst tearing it up on the road?

When time permits. We are usually driving to the next show but we had a couple days off in Seattle. So that was great! Some of us went to see a Twins/Mariners game and we went to the EMP [Experience Music Project] music museum/experience also.

We have a love affair with In 'n Out Burger when we are in California. We went to the Rainbow on Sunset Blvd., and Amoeba Records is also a must see when we are in L.A.


Impaler has been playing with some other old school metal folks since returning to town. There's the gig with Lizzy Borden coming up in July at Station 4, and you played with Faster Pussycat recently. How did that go?

I enjoy the opportunity. I think the singer Taime Downe was the only original member in Faster Pussycat. We've also played with the Dwarves, Paul Di'anno of Iron Maiden recently. It's a great chance for us to expose people to Impaler that maybe had not seen us before. That was the case with every one of those shows.

Though I know Impaler wouldn't be opposed to playing with dead people, what bands still living would you love to share a stage with?

Alice Cooper, Kiss, Judas Priest, Van Halen, the Stooges...that is a long list!

Impaler "Stiff in Her Casket"

Impaler "Vicious Dreams" 1983