imaginary bags: a silent auction of awesome


Look, it’s time to get a new messenger bag. That awesome Chrome bag you nabbed for last year is, well, so last year and way too San Francisco. It’s time, my friend, to go custom. But the deckest messenger bags in town will only be around until this Saturday night. And to nab one requires a person to compete with their pocket books. But it’s all for a good cause…

These messenger bags are hanging on the walls like forbidden fruit at One on One bicycle/coffee/swag shop in the Warehouse District. All are constructed by crumpler and designed by artists from the Minnesota biking community, according to the promotional flyer. They’re part of a silent auction and fundraising event to benefit the Mark Loesch Memorial Fund. Loesch was beaten to death on his bike a few blocks away from his home last September, igniting a controversy.

But back to the bags. These things are dope. They make a fixie rider want to track stand through a green light, just to show off the beauty to cars coming up from behind. They don’t come cheap, though, bids start at $150. But for a custom bag, which could run upwards of $250-300, it’s a good shot at getting a bomber bag on the (relatively) cheap.

One on One will have a closing night party to shut down the event at 7 p.m. this Saturday night. DJ Billions and The Haves Have It will be on hand to control the tunes. There will also be a paintball gun on hand for use in designing a crumpler bag of your own.

Anywho, this thing should be good times. It’s good tunes, good proceeds and a shot at owning and rocking an insanely cool messenger bag.

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