Ike Reilly gets sweaty at the Turf Club


Photos by Alexa Jones

"We've got a new album coming out in September, but we're all lazy fucks so we haven't learned any of the new songs," Ike Reilly declared partway through his set at the Turf Club last night, and the audience cheered at the opportunity to hear Reilly and his band focus on their older material.

Though he's big enough to fill the Main Room at First Avenue, Reilly still plays the occasional Turf Club show, and it's a treat for fans who have been following him since the beginning. Longtime fans still reminisce about his four-night stand at the Turf back in 2001 as if it's the stuff of legends, and seeing him back in his old haunt playing through all of the songs on his breakout album, Salesmen and Racists, brought all of the old memories flooding back.

The lineup has stayed almost exactly the same over the past eight years, with the exception of one guitarist, and the band played with the swaggering precision of a crew that has grown accustomed to one another. Reilly invited his former guitar tech Chris Perricelli (who now fronts local rock band Little Man) to play lead guitar on many of the songs, and familiar faces lined the edge of the stage to sing along with every word.

At times, the audience participation was so overwhelming that Reilly would change up the verses just to try to catch people off-guard, and the crowd would continue singing over him while he strummed his guitar and shook his head. Reilly's shows have always been somewhat of a drunken singalong, and last night was no exception. "Last Time," "Hip-Hop Thighs," "Commie Drives a Nova," and a swaying encore version of "Wasted Friends" were crowd favorites, and held the buzzed bar rapt until the very last note.

All photos by Alexa Jones.