If you like Megadeth, coffee-flavored beer, or small-town Minnesota, have we got a story for you

Selling coffee is David Ellefson’s business … and business is good.

Selling coffee is David Ellefson’s business … and business is good. Photo courtesy of Ellefson Coffee Co.

Coffee sells… but who’s buying?

A little over a year ago, David Ellefson, the founding bassist for Megadeth (and the only original member besides Dave Mustaine who’s still around), opened Ellefson Coffee in his hometown of Jackson, Minnesota. He also established a line of signature coffees, including Urban Legend.

Now Ellefson is offering up a new concoction, a coffee-flavored beer, according to Ross Raihala of the Pioneer Press (who seriously has the Ellefson beat locked down). It’s called Urban Legend Coffee Stout, and it was whipped up in collaboration with the Hydra Beer Company of Sioux Falls.

Ellefson already offers a coffee-infused hard cider. Whatever you’re drinking right now—kombucha, horchata, Fresca, strawberry Yoo-hoo—Ellefson is probably right now working on a way to make it taste like coffee.

If you’d like to chat with Ellefson about beer, coffee, beer-coffee, or Megadeth, he’ll be in the area this weekend. He will be at Down in the Valley in Golden Valley on Saturday at 2 p.m and at Know Name Records in Minneapolis at 2 p.m. on Sunday, and he will both meet and greet fans. You can find some more info here.