Ice Rod Chatroulette show set to entertain the Turf Club once again

There are plenty of sappy, romantic things to do in the Twin Cities over the weekend before Valentine's Day, but more than likely there isn't anything as interesting and decidedly off-the-wall happening as Ice Rod's Chatroulette show Saturday night at the Turf Club. Michael Gaughan will once again assume the role of Ice Rod, a 22-year-old college student, delivering comedic freestyle raps at whoever comes up on Chatroulette, all for the entertainment of the audience.

The Turf's stage will be decorated to look just like a typical college dorm room to complete the illusion for the various Chatroulette participants, with all the hilarious reactions and unplanned moments projected on a large screen so that everyone at the Turf can share in the fun.

This will be the third time Gaughan has performed the Chatroulette freestyle show, but this one is Valentine's Day themed to capitalize on the overly-saccharine holiday. The Turf Club will feature a "make-out pit" just for the special occasion. And for those that are looking to laugh more than they are looking to love, this hysterical event should certainly suit your needs.

Gaughan was a respected local MC back in the early 2000s, but grew tired of the negativity involved in freestyle rap battles, so he decided to switch things up quite a bit. Gaughan explains: "I was on a quest to create a free style rap situation that captivated an audience the same way that a battle does, but allows myself the same creative freedoms as a cypher... this Chatroulette Dorm Room scenario evolved from a brain-storm and it is just a way for me to keep it interesting. It has the spontaneity of rapping to / about another person the same as a battle, but without the negativity or competition. I am trying to keep it interesting for the crowd by giving them a story line, an element of prank, lots of stuff to look at, a statement on isolation and virtual interaction, the addictive suspense of who will pop up next and what will I say in rhyme to that person, and of course the pure excitement of rap music."

While there are plenty of options out there for those looking for a romantic night out on the weekend before Valentine's Day, there really isn't anything on offer quite like this. For those who love freestyle rap, are looking to laugh, and are thrilled by the voyeuristic aspect of Chat Roulette, this unique performance is tailor made just for you. More information can be found on the event's Facebook page.

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