Ice Damage Inc. benefits Tasha Pruitt at the Turf Club Friday

No matter how accustomed to Minnesota winters that you are, they eventually take their toll on everyone. The shortened days, the bitter cold, the treacherous roads all wear on all of us to varying degrees as winter just drags on.

But in the case of Tasha Pruitt, last winter was especially cruel. While Pruitt was leaving her apartment building, a large chunk of ice fell off the awning of her complex and struck her, leaving her with a spine injury and numerous recovery disabilities -- all of which have left her unable to work at a normal level or ride her bike at all for the past year. Her good friends in the Twin Cities music community have rallied behind Pruitt and arranged a benefit concert and auction for her at the Turf Club Friday.

The evening features a fantastic line-up of local bands, musicians, and DJs, as well as a silent auction and raffle featuring artwork, food and other unique services on offer, the proceeds of which will all graciously go towards helping ease the strain of Pruitt's mounting medical and legal bills. According to Pink Mink's Christy Hunt, one of the event's organizers, "Everybody playing the show are some of Tasha's greatest friends and her favorite bands. It was no problem to get them all to agree to do this."

Ice Damage Inc. benefits Tasha Pruitt at the Turf Club Friday

The strong line-up of bands performing at the Turf are impressive, and will most assuredly bring the noise in support of their wounded friend. The Birthday Suits kick off the night, followed by Gimme Noise's own Danny Sigelman (who will also be MC'ing the event) is doing an experimental solo set in the Clown Lounge, while upstairs Gay Witch Abortion will certainly rattle the walls of the club with their raucous sound.

Seawhores have a special "laser light show" set in the Clown Lounge planned for later in the night, while in the Turf Club, BloodnStuff will rock the house before DJs Lady Heat (Christy Hunt and Danielle Morris) will surely bring the special night to a festive close with what Hunt claims will be "a Don Cornelius-inspired dance party" in honor of the fallen founder and host of Soul Train.

So, come out to the Turf Club on Friday night to not only support Tasha Pruitt, but to hear some good music, bid on some unique pieces of art, and strengthen the remarkable bond that continually unifies the Twin Cities music community. The whole event benefits a really great cause, and by taking part in what is sure to be an uplifting evening, it will surely take some of the sting out of the gray Minnesota winter.

More information on the night, including ways to donate to Tasha's cause via paypal, can be found on the event's Facebook page.

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