Ian Rans's second One Men documentary: One Man Dan

Ian Rans's second One Men documentary: One Man Dan

Last week, Gimme Noise debuted the first installment of Ian Rans's new documentary series, One Men. In sum, Rans decided to find the most interesting stories lurking within the culture of one-man bands in the Twin Cities. To quote ourselves, it's "This American Life for lounge lizards." Hunan Garden star Ray Evangelista kicked off the sequence in style.

Today, we return with episode two, which focuses on One Man Dan, the lo-fi rock project of St. Paul's Dan Davila. As you will see, innovation and audience participation are key to his artistry. His latest album was created with Ol' Yeller's Rich Mattson.

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From Ian:

For this second installment of One Men, we have One Man Dan. One man bands are known for doing 10 things at once and Dan Davalla updates the stereotype with some cutting-edge technology -- but still proudly hits a bunch of things rhythmically. And in a rather pleasing manor, at that. 

As an aside, a problem with shooting introductions to these videos is that occasionally you're in a hurry because you're running out of daylight and that was most definitely an issue this time around. If i had a few more minutes, I would have mentioned the music and the live atmosphere of a One Man Dan show. His sets are a lean slice of indie-rock goodness and he'll even play the backing band for you to sing some karaoke if you've got the guts. He's playing at Acadia in June 13 if you're inclined to take in his live show -- or even front it. More about his records here.

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