I kiss you, crying while eating

Back in the early days of the good ol' internets, everybody and their mother was obsessed with a Turkish Don Juan who had a hard-on for nude models, ping-pong, and his trusty foto-camera. But Mahir quickly became like the dancing baby: So obnoxiously 1996 they're both bound to be found on an ironic '90s-nostalgia T-Shirt at Urban Outfitters, hanging right next to the "I Love the Backstreet Boys" T-Shirts (wink! wink!). Almost ten years later, their popularity has inspired contests like the Contagious Media Showdown, where goofy Web sites and those intended to look like real advertisements battle it out to pass through the most office cubes and become an internet hit.

Some of them seem lamer than Ally McBeal's biological-clock-inspired apparitions: Blogebrity, for example, focuses on "the celebs" of blogging. (Yes, there's a scene composed of people who have actually never seen each other.) And then there's the hilarious cryingwhileeating.com, where people send in their homemade videos of themselves (what else?) crying while eating. Pringles cascading out of a guy's mouth only gets funnier when you know it's because his girlfriend is making him go to therapy.

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