I don't know art, but I know what rocks

class=img_thumbleft>Gig posters have a long, colorful past but MCAD's Graphic Noise: Rock Posters at 1,000 dBs will get you caught up on the last ten years. After perusing more than 550 rock posters from all over the world, you might feel like a bit of an expert. Artists' signature aesthetics are quickly recognized, whether they be Ben Wilson's big-eyed, sallow-skinned characters, or Tara McPherson's uncluttered, melancholy cartoons. Elsewhere, you'll be able to identify artists whose work you've seen around town or on a best friend's living room wall: An entire hallway is devoted to local artists like Squad 19, Aesthetic Apparatus, and Burlesque of North America. It takes a lot to get noticed in such flashy company but sometimes it's as simple as the material the poster was printed on. Standouts include a cowboy painted on burlap, a gun composed of skeletal remains on faux-velvet, and maybe most impressive of all, a screenprint that looks astonishingly like magic marker scribbled on cardboard. Now that's old school. The exhibit's opening party takes place Friday night, and features music by STNNNG, the Deaths, and DJ Lori Barbero.